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The Hindu Students’ Council was born out of a Hindu youth conference, YUVA (Youth for Unity, Virtue and Action) held at the University of the West Indies in 2002. Participants at this conference felt that there was a need for an organization that would bring together Hindu students, encourage interaction, stimulate discussion and ideas, inculcate values, develop self esteem and foster unity.

The organization formerly started in March of 2003 when the first elections were held and the first executive was established. Since then the HSC has had a steady growth in membership and has generated high interest.

The Hindu Students' Council is an organization of secondary and post-secondary students, both full-time and part-time, dedicated to the task of building a strong organizational network amongst Hindu students in Trinidad and Tobago. The Hindu Students' Council sees no divisions of caste, class, sector any other divisive concept in the pursuit of this goal.  We aim to achieve our objectives with the belief that the principles of Sanatan Dharma are universal and eternal.   They are practiced by Hindus and hence the name Hindu Dharma. The worldview based on Dharma can provide a holistic and balanced world order free from intolerance and extreme materialism. 

HSC VISION : Our vision is to have an active and united Hindu students body in Trinidad and Tobago dedicated to the practice and promotion of Sanaatan Dharma for the upliftment of humanity.

HSC MISSION : Our Mission is to develop an active Hindu student body in Trinidad and Tobago through activities that inspire, empower and foster brotherhood among Hindu students to enable them to face challenges in the education system and wider society.

Our aims are ;

To educate, organize and activate the Hindu youth with a common vision. 

To generate an interest and pride in Hinduism and to inculcate Hindu values in students through various activities. 

To educate Hindu students on Hinduism, culture, history and contemporary challenges facing Hindus.

To create a sense of brotherhood and unity in Hinduism that transcends sect or creed.

To build a non-sectarian, strong organizational network amongst students throughout Trinidad and Tobago and to forge and maintain links with Hindu student organizations abroad.

To train Hindu students to be self less and skilled activists, organizers and leaders.

To cooperate with other groups who share the vision of “Many valid ways to reach God”.
To voice concerns and take positions on issues affecting Hindus, and students in particular.

To equip Hindu students to face challenges they meet in school and in their communities.

Contact Info:

-President : Rekha Lobin 

-Vice Chairperson: Steven Bhagan

-Treasurer: Shanice A. Fyzool

-Public Relations :

-Members Of The Executive:

The song of the Hindu Renaissance:

Hindava so-dhara sarve

Na Hindu Patito Bhavet /

Mama Deeksha Hindu Raksha

Mama Mantra Samaanataah //

Brothers, Sisters, one and all

Suffer not you kindred's fall

Hindu protection, our mission

Equality – The Hindu Vision.