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Ganesha Gayatri mantra :


Eka Dantaaya Vidmahe Vakra Tundaaya Dheemahi Tanno Danti Pracodayaat

I have come to know that one tusked Lord Ganesha as the Lord himself.I meditate on that Lord with the crooked trunk.I pray with my entire being that he wll free me from the cycle of birth and death and grant me wisdom



-Om shrim hrim klim glaum gam ganapataye... 
vara varada sarva
janamme vashamanaya svaha

Kali protection mantra:


Jayanti Mangala Kali Bhadrakali Kaapaalini Durga kshama Shivaah Dhaatri Swaaha Swadha Namostute

Oh! Conqueror of all, remover of darkness, Auspicious one, beyond time, bearer of the Skulls of Impure Thoughts, Reliever of difficulties, loving forgiveness, supporter of the Universe. You are the one who truly receives the sacrificial offerings and the offerings to the ancestors. To you I bow.

A highly beneficial mantra for students 

Best to improve in studies and to be chanted before sitting for exams. Chanting of the Hayagriva Gayathri mantra leads one to the divine path of life:

Best Time to Chant : Brahma muhurta, Ekadasi thithi, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays

Number of Times to Chant : 9, 11, 108, or 1008 times

Aum Vaakeeshvaraaya Vidmahe

Hayagrivaaya Dhimahee

Thanno Hamsa Prachodayath


Praying to tulsi helps one attain devotion to Vishnu and can also free ancestors from hellish condition and grant you and them liberation.

Om or AUM :

(can use this to offer water and flowers)

Shree Tulsee Jananee Devee

Shree Hari Priya Vallabe Namo Namah

Ashta nama:

  • VRINDAVANI - One who first manifested in Vrindavan.
  • VRINDA - The goddess of all plant and trees ( even if one Tulasi plant is present in a forest it can be called Vrindavana.)
  • VISHVAPUJITA - One whom the whole universe worships.
  • PUSHPASARA - The topmost of all flowers, without whom Krishna does not like to look upon other flowers.
  • NANDINI - Seeing whom gives unlimited bliss to the devotees.
  • KRISHNA-JIVANI - The life of Sri Krishna.
  • VISHVA-PAVANI - One who purifies the three worlds.
  • TULASI - One who has no comparison.

Anyone while worshiping Tulasi-devi chants these eight names will get the same results as one who performs the Ashvamedha sacrifice. And one who on the full-moon day of Kartika (Tulasi-devi's appearance day) worships Her with this Mantra will break free from the bonds of this miserable world of birth and death, and very quickly attains Goloka Vrndavan. On the full moon-day of Kartik Lord Sri Krishna Himself worships Srimati Tulasi-devi with this Mantra.

Tulsi Pranaama Mantra:

vṛndayai tulasī-devyai
priyāyai keśavasya ca
kṛṣṇa-bhakti-prade devī
satyavatai namo namaḥ

"I offer my repeated obeisances unto Vṛndā, Śrīmatī Tulasī Devi, who is very dear to Lord Keśava. O goddess, you bestow devotional service to Kṛṣṇa and you possess the highest truth."


tulasy amṛta-janmāsī sadā tvam keśava-priyā
keśavārtham cinomi tvām varadā bhava śobhana

"O Tulasī, you are born from nectar. You are always very dear to Lord Keśava.. Now, in order to worship Lord Keśava, I am collecting your leaves and mañjarīs. Please bestow your benediction on me to serve the Lord."

*Use right hand and It is best to remove only the older leaves near the stem, especially those she is about to release and which can be taken with a slight pull. Do not remove many leaves from a small plant, or she will suffer. All her leaves are offerable for worship, even dry, brown leaves. In an emergency, one may even offer pieces of her wood.

One can also circumbulate tulsi which burns up karma.

Durga Gayatri:


Sarvamangal maangalye shive sarvartha saadhike sharanye triyambike gauri narayani namostue

Kaatyaayanaaya vidmahe kanyakumaari dheemahi tanno durgih prachodayaat

Lakshmi gayatri:


Mahaa devyai Laskmyai Cha Vidmahe Vishnu patnyai cha Dheemahi Tanno Lakshmi Prachodayaat.

Saraswati Gayatri:


Aum Vaak-dhevyai Cha Vidmahe

Virinchi Pathniyai Cha Dhimahee

Thanno Vaanee Prachodayath

Surya gayatri:
Bhaskaraaya Vidmahe
Divaakaraaya Dhemahi
Tanno Sooryah Prachodayaat

Lord surya gave Lord Krishna's and Jaambavati's son SAAMB these names are equalient to Sahasranaama and extreme auspicious.The person, who chant these names of mine twice a day, will be Healthy, Wealthy, get Fame and my blessings always surely. These names are same as given below. [1] Vikartan [2] Vivswan [3] Martand [4] Bhaskar [5] Ravi [6] Lokprakaashak [7] Shriman [8] Lokchakshu [9] Graheshwar [10] Loksaakshi [11] Trilokesh [12] Kartaa [13] Hartaa [14] Tamisrahaa [15] Tapan [16] Taapan [17] Shuchi [18] Saptaasvavaahan [19] Gabhasatihasta [20] Brahmaa [21] Sarvdevnamaskrataa